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Cashew Nuts / Lotus Nuts

Delicious Cashew Nuts from Vietnam. 
Nuts are huge and solid and comes in 2 types : with skin and without skin. 

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Nefful Health Clothing  (Scarf,  socks,  Singlet, T-shirt and etc..)

Nefful understands the needs of people in this modern society. We design and develop
body-shaping series and Teviron story series for you to live a confident, beautiful and healthy life.

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Lampeberger Gift Set (consist of Lampe and Oil)

The Lampe Berger is an innovative system that cleanses the air in your home and provides a long-lasting fragrance.

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Diva Facial Soap

Fragrant, handy, very portable & durable! Specially formulated in Singapore, made in Malaysia.

Suitable for all skin types! Gentle enough to be used daily, yet effective enough to treat acne!

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Portable Mini Washing Machine

  • Light
  • Handy
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle
  • Weighes 2kg approximately
  • Able to carry from place to place
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Coffee Powder  (Coming Soon)

Are you a Coffee lover? Do you miss Vietnamese Coffee?  

No need to travel to Vietnam just to buy their coffee anymore!

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Hikosen Cara Products (Coming Soon)

HIKOSEN CARA – The most Creative and Adorable Cats from Japan!

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With many years of experiences in baking, our baker bakes her cakes at home wholeheartedly so that you will feel it at the first bite.

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Mini Cakes, muffins, tarts

Are you craving for some Home-Made delicious pastry?

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